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Amazon Product Launch

We do the product research, find items meeting a specific criteria having highl demand in the market with low competition products, having significant amount of improvement and enough profit margin.

We contact multiple verified suppliers for each of the finalized products, get all the details, negotiate as much as we can to get the best quality product at lowest possible rates. 

We create listings, images and upload to Amazon seller central. We create shipping plans and finalize shipment of the products from China to Amazon warehouses in the US. 

Listing Optimization

We do the keyword research, find, record most specific keywords with high search volume and low competition. We share those reports with the client as well. 

We create titles with high search volume keywords along with a top benefit of our product. We use more important kewyords in the bullet points along with identifying buyer pain points and providing our product as the solution. 

We create story telling detailed descriptions to boost listing SEO and increase conversions. We use HTML in the description to enhance it’s display. We use rest of the keywods in the back end of the listings. 

Listing Images

Images play integral role when we talk about factors customers consider before buying a product. If a picture can clearly identify the product core use, there is a great likelihood it will convert. 

We create high quality images with white background, infographics, lifestyle images highlighting major benefits of the product. We make sure that all of our images meet Amazon’s requirements and so can be indexed. 

We have professional graphic designer so we are commited to creating unique copyright issues free images for our clients. 

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Enhanced Brand Content often called as A+ content is describing the product uses with the help of graphics in addition to the description. 

This is the best place to describe your brand story along with boosting your conversion rates. We have professional graphic designers experienced in creating A+ content for Amazon brands. 

We will create highly engaging brochures for showcasing your brand and increasing your product sales up to a minimum of 10%. With expert on the side, we will create a strong brand story for your brand. 

Amazon Brand Management

Starting from finding best products for you to sell to launching and ranking, we will be managing everything for you throughout the process of building your brand on the world’s biggest E-commerce market. 

We have our expert account managers and graphic professionals who will take care of the process while you can sit back, relax and focus only on business growth. 

We will be having full use of the features offered to the brand owners like A+ content, videos, and storefronts to increase your sales. We will also focus on feeding buyers’ minds with your brand awareness. 

PPC Management Services

When we talk about sales and ranking, PPC is something we cannot ignore. If we are doing the advertising right on Amazon, it will do most of the job for us in terms of ranking. 

Here at EcomYield, managers have extensive experience in maintaining ACOS with increasing sales and building ranking through PPC. PPC is what comes in to get your product exposed to the buyers so can get it sold. 

We target highly relevant low competition keywords in PPC to get sales with least spend. We only accelerate on high performing keywords and don’t give any room for vise versa. 

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