$518,968 Sales at an ACOS 8.64%

$518,968 Sales at an ACOS 8.64%

Market: USA The APPROACH: 1. Catalog ManagementCreation of correct parentages to boost sales on the products that needed to increase sales Listing creation and optimization from A-Z, with new products as the catalog, is growing. Adding new shoe styles and accessories to listings in accordance with. Heavy focus on FBA catalog development. 2. Marketing & Design We used the brand’s mission and assets to create compelling A+ Content, Infographics and Copywriting to address the customers’ lifestyle communication needs. Focused our proprietary process on seo to improve ranking, indexing and traffic. 3. Advertisement We created campaigns with the main keywords, competitors, category, video and defensive targeting of our main competitors and our products to avoid customers window shopping in other listings. We continuously create value through posts so customers looking for solutions know our products. Spending on ppc strategically (maximize investment since the shoes space is (crowded) PPC campaigns updates prior to the change in seasons and consumer behavior. 4. Account HealthInventory management to maintain a healthy IPI score (again due to the large catalog and many SKUs since each style and variation has several sizes) Auditing sell-through rates and processing removal orders to the warehouse as needed.

Half Million Dollar in 1 Month

I am working with this client from the very start. I have launched 5 products for this client and managed all the process by myself and worked on the keywords ranking, PPC ACOS , Images and Amazon account issue . 2 of his products got the best seller rank in their category and the other 3 products are also selling well. So after 1 year of hard work I am able to increase his sale to half a million dollar in a month with 20% Profit Margin

ACOS Reduction 5.16% | 30 Days

ACOS Reduction to 5.16% in 30 Days

Rescaling a 6-Figure Brand

6 figure brand had been slowly losing their popularity and gradually making a smaller a revenue to the point they entered 5-figures. The client approached us with this problem in December and we set to work. We identified the main problems in inventory, PPC, and Market. Having made a detailed plan and milestone to track progress, we began implementing our strategy. And the results were mind-blowing. A massive 84% increase in total revenue in the very first month, January. Another hefty 34% increase in February. and is projected to cross $300K in march.

ACOS Reduction to 5.39%

ACOS Reduction to 5.39% in 30 Days. I have done complete audit of this amazon account . Listings are not good there are only few keywords in the listings. Images are not good. I have worked on the images . Done the keyword research and target those keywords into the PPC campaign and also target the keywords which have low competition and low reviews and I have got these results within 30 days

Amazon PPC Results -2.5x Growth

Amazon Sales Growth Specialist Project goal In this project, My work is to reduce the ACOS and consistent growth while keeping profitability metrics under control. When a client came to me, he was doing an average of $43000+ monthly revenue. π’πˆπ“π”π€π“πˆπŽπ ππ„π…πŽπ‘π„ π“π€πŠπˆππ† ππ‘πŽπ‰π„π‚π“: β€’ Product was already doing $30,000 average monthly revenue. β€’ Daily PPC budget was $150+, β€’ CPC was too High β€’ Listing was not optimized which resulted in a low conversing rate. β€’ ACOS: 54% β€’ Trained the copywriter to help us write a copy that can paint transformations in customer’s lives β€’ A thorough check of search terms, and market research, to get a complete idea about the product and competition. β€’ Extensive keyword research to identify decent SV, intent-based keywords with low competition for sales growth. β€’ Placement setting of poor performing campaign, Shift the placements from low conversion to high conversion. Results: β€’ $111000+ average revenue in the last 30 days. β€’ Organically ranked on page 1st over 100,000+ keyword search volume. β€’ ACOS: 25%